TaxiPal is a free mobile application available for all popular device platforms.

For taxi companies

TaxiPal brings you more customers by creating a new 24/7 marketing and sales channel for you. TaxiPal is the most extensive taxi-cab directory and booking service available for millions of mobile phones. Be easily reachable for your potential clients, even if they don't speak your language.  Read more

For users

Where can I get a taxi? Millions of travellers and locals alike face this simple yet Frequently Asked Question every day - TaxiPal is here to provide an innovative solution. TaxiPal is the first multi-lingual taxi ordering and brokering mobile service with the widest coverage in Europe, US and CanadaRead more

Find local businesses and attractions

Conveniently access a database containing millions of local Points of Interest from business listings to famous tourist attractions. Find a hotel or restaurant, monument or shopping centre and have TaxiPal organize your ride there.  Read more