12 Oct 2012

Stay safe: 6 Safety Apps Every Student Should Download

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Personal safety tends to take a back seat during the school year — when class assignments, part-time jobs and social responsibilities weigh heavy on a student’s shoulders. Joann Pan at Mashable lists 6 apps that help students stay safe – and TaxiPal is one of them. Read how TaxiPal and other apps help you to stay safe.

20 Feb 2011

Article from Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs talks about TaxiPal

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An article from Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs talks about TaxiPal, among several other Estonian start-ups in the Nordic Venture 50+ list. The Nordic Venture 50+ listing of the 50 most promising start-up firms in Scandinavia, which covers the region’s most promising start-up companies in the fields of environmental technology, natural sciences, information technology, and telecommunications, included seven Estonian firms.

02 Feb 2011

TaxiPal covered in Traveller, easyJet’s inflight magazine

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The February issue of Traveller, the inflight magazine of easyJet, carried a story about Tallinn “City of the future” (page 84-88) and how Tallinn is an ideal home for some of the world’s most exciting tech companies, TaxiPal being one of them. The online version of the whole magazine can be found here and only the article itself here.

19 Dec 2010

Coverage in a Swedish newspaper

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Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet featured an article about Estonia, how it has coped with the economic crisis of the last few years, its upcoming Euro-currency and its enthusiastic entrepreneurs and startup companies. One of the companies mentioned is also TaxiPal: Link to the article

24 Apr 2010

TaxiPal was showcased on BBC

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BBC’s “Widgets of the week” show covered TaxiPal in their March 26th show and gave it a very good review. You can view the recording on BBC’s website.

We are very happy about the positive feedback as this is still a beginning; some of the really neat features are not public yet, so stay tuned!

26 Jan 2010

TaxiPal covered by Estonian press

Press Coverage posted by Raoul

One of Estonia’s biggest daily newspapers, Postimees, carried a story about TaxiPal. It was published in estonian language on the 21st of January and in russian language on the 26th of January. The online versions of the articles can be found here (in estonian) and here (in russian).