TaxiPal is an award-winning free and easy taxicab directory and ordering service with the widest coverage: EU, US and Canada – in 31 countries and more than 2500 cities in total. A must have for any traveller!

  • Local Taxis: location-aware list of taxi companies in over 2800 cities in Europe, US and Canada.
  • Points of Interest: comprehensive global database of destinations for your taxi ride, such as hotels, restaurants, airports etc.
  • Favorites: save your favorite taxi companies and locations, and get an overview of your previous calls and orders .
  • Direct Order: order a local taxi without a phone call, no need to talk in different languages.

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Imagine being on a business trip in a foreign city. After a long day of meetings or being at a conference, you step outside and want to head back to the hotel or rush to the airport… But, there are no taxis in sight. What do you do? At home it would be easy – you probably have your favourite taxi company’s number stored in your phone.

Fortunately you have the TaxiPal mobile application installed on your mobile phone. TaxiPal connects you with trusted taxi companies anywhere in the world, providing you information on local taxi companies, their tariffs and user ratings. You can also submit an order without having to make a phone call – with a few simple taps on the phone screen your taxi will be on its way to pick you up. Furthermore, with TaxiPal’s direct ordering feature you could have silently pre-ordered the taxi already during your meeting or conference, so that your taxi would be waiting for you the moment you step out.

Local taxi companies at your service

Getting a taxi might seem like a trivial task, especially when you are in your home city. You probably have your favourite taxi company's phone number stored in your phone. But what if you are travelling and need a taxi in another city? What number do you call?
TaxiPal automatically determines your location using various positioning methods and gives you information on the companies servicing your area. Regardless of whether you are travelling or need a taxi in your home city, you no longer need to have taxi companies' phone numbers stored on your phone nor will you need to ask locals for help.


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Be informed, know before you buy

avoid fraud

Sometimes you also have to deal with unlicensed, illegal taxis or just plain dishonest taxi drivers and you end up paying much more than you should for the trip – your taxi trip late at night is a 30 minute drive only to find out the next day that the place was just around the corner.

With TaxiPal you can look up the tariffs and fares before you get in a taxi and TaxiPal will even calculate the optimal distance to your destination, because we at TaxiPal want you to always get the best deal and only pay for the service provided.


Use it in your own language anywhere

We believe that mobile technologies have a great potential in helping people cross language barriers.

TaxiPal is the first multi-lingual taxi ordering and brokering service that helps you in your own language. It even converts the local taxi tariffs to a convenient currency for you in order to make taxi ordering easier for you.

During 2010 the TaxiPal service will be rolling out in all of Europe, US and Canada, allowing you to order your taxi conveniently on your mobile no matter where you are. We already cover 31 countries with our Directory service – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA – and we work hard to improve and expand the coverage.




Local businesses and attractions

TaxiPal includes an extensive database of local businesses, tourist attractions and other Points of Interest (POI).

For example, you can look for an interesting restaurant or museum in the city you are visiting and TaxiPal will organize your ride there. You can search for a POI by it’s name, it’s type (a restaurant, a conference centre, etc) and it’s location – near your current location or any other place.

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