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Question: After entering my phone number, I don’t receive the verification code.
Answer: Please make sure that you enter your complete phone number in international format, including your country code (e.g. for United States it would be “1aaa bbbbbbb” where 1 is the country code for United States and Canada, aaa is the area code and bbbbbbb is your phone number).

Question: When I try to submit the feedback form, I get an error saying: “The email you entered could not be validated. Please try again or leave the field blank.” even though the email field is blank.
Answer: This issues has been fixed in a new version, meanwhile please try submitting the form twice.

Question: Why does TaxiPal need my phone number and how will it be used?
Answer: TaxiPal needs your phone number so that the taxi companies could contact you in case of any additional questions. Your phone number is only used when you order a taxi without a phone call (using Direct Order or Quick Order).

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