Advantages for your company

TaxiPal is the most extensive taxi-cab directory and booking service available for millions of mobile phones.

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  • Get more clients
  • TaxiPal helps you get the attention of travellers and locals who did not know your company before. Easily reach tens of thousands of business and leisure tourists as well as local customers.

  • Help travellers without knowing all their languages
  • TaxiPal helps the customer in many different languages, so you don’t have to worry about losing a potential client
    because your dispatcher does not speak that language.

  • Be more reachable
  • TaxiPal is the easiest way your clients can get a taxicab anywhere they travel, be it home or abroad. It’s like having your very own taxi-stop on every street corner.

  • Improve your service quality
  • TaxiPal reports to you the ratings and feedback your clients give you.

  • Choose a cost-effective marketing channel
  • TaxiPal is your sales agent on every smartphone around the world, speaking many languages and never getting tired.

  • Streamline and optimize your operations
  • Electronic booking requests delivered direct to your Back-Office or fed into your existing dispatching system avoid common human mistakes in data entry. Electronic processing of bookings can help you streamline your operations, manage your fleet in the most optimal way and thus increase your profits.

TaxiPal features

• Displays your information to all taxicab riders in your service area – your brand name, logo, dispatch telephone number, accepted credit cards, tariffs (in user’s preferred currency);

• Offers you a priority listing so you can stand out in the competition;

• Provides you periodic reports on end-users’ feedback (includes all user ratings and feedback messages);

• Enables one-click calling directly to your dispatch telephone number, so your taxi riders do not have to dial any numbers;

• Gives your clients a new DirectOrder booking service that allows them to order a taxi from you without a phone call or an SMS – their request goes directly to the BackOffice application where your dispatcher can respond to them;

• Supplies you with an easy-to-use web-based BackOffice program that your dispatcher can use to process the incoming DirectOrder requests, send end-users your quotes and arrival times, have a complete overview of current and advance orders as well as cancellations. TaxiPal can also be integrated with your existing dispatching and fleet management system.

Join TaxiPal taxi directory and booking service now!